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Category: Modeling Properties

Use the XS_REFERENCE_MODEL_KEEP_VERSIONS_COUNT advanced option to clean up old reference modelmodel which the designer can use as an aid when building another model

A reference model is created in Tekla Structures or in other software and can be inserted to Tekla Structures. The reference model appears together with the model but it is not modified by Tekla Structures. The user can snap to reference model points.

For example, an architectural model, a plant design model, or a heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning (HVAC) model can be a reference model.

revisions automatically. The cleanup is done when the reference filefile that contains information that can be used in a model or a drawing

A reference file can contain a reference model or a reference drawing, for example.

is updated. Use XS_DELETE_UNNECESSARY_REFMODEL_FILES_SAFETY_PERIOD to set the time frame for deletion. Tekla Structures deletes the reference models that have been imported at some point but are no longer used, and are not displayed in the Reference Models list. The data related to these reference models is deleted from the current data storage in folder <current model>\datastorage\ref. The original imported reference model is not deleted from its actual folder, for example, from .\Reference models.

You can use the following values:

  • 0 : The cleanup is disabled. This is the default value.

  • Any positive number.

    For example, value 3 keeps two old revisions of the reference model, in addition to the current version.

This advanced option is model specific and the setting is saved in the options databasedatabase file that contains the settings of model-specific general settings and advanced options

There are two options databases, the model options database (options_model.db) and the drawing options database (options_drawings.db).


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