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Category : Concrete Detailing

Set this advanced option to TRUE to show automatic bar groups within a rebar set using different colors in model views. For example:

When you set this advanced option to TRUE , the reinforcing bars in rebar sets will not be colored by classpart property that groups parts according to identifiers given by the user

The identifiers of classes are usually numbers. Classes can be used for defining the color of parts in the model, for example. Class does not influence the numbering of model objects.


The default value is FALSE.

This advanced option is model specific and the setting is saved in the options databasedatabase file that contains the settings of model-specific general settings and advanced options

There are two options databases, the model options database (options_model.db) and the drawing options database (options_drawings.db).


After changing the setting of this advanced option in the Advanced Options dialog box, redraw the model views.


To quickly switch between the values TRUE and FALSE , go to the Concrete tab on the ribbon and click Rebar display options > Color rebar groups .

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