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Print a task schedule from Task manager

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Print a task schedule from Task manager

Print a task schedule from Task manager

You can print taskin the task manager, a representation of a piece of work that needs to be carried out in order to complete a project

schedules from Task manager. By default, the schedule is printed from the first date to the last date that is visible in the Gantt chartdiagram that displays the schedule related to a scenario in a graphic form


  1. To open Task manager , click Manage on the ribbon and then click Tasks.
  2. Click.
  3. Select the suitable printing options:
    • Click Page setup... to modify the page settings.
    • Select Print to the project end date to print the whole schedule even if the end date is not visible in the Gantt chart.
    • Select Adjust to percent of normal size or Fit to pages according to your needs.
  4. If needed, click Print Preview... to view how the schedule is printed.

    You can print the schedule from the Print preview... dialog box.

  5. Click Print... to print the schedule.
  6. Modify the printer settings if needed.
  7. Click Print.

You can create reports from the task informationdata related to a task

Task information includes properties related to a task, such as task name, task type, planned and actual start and end dates, and task completeness.

in Task manager and list various details about the tasks, such as the task name, task typetask information that reflects the category into which tasks can be classified in order to apply the same settings to all of them

Examples of task types in the task manager include formwork, reinforcement, pour, and cast-in-place.

, planned and actual dates, and task completeness.

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