Remove inconsistencies from a multi-user database

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Remove inconsistencies from a multi-user database

Remove inconsistencies from a multi-user database

To preserve the integrity of your multi-user modelmodel that is used for collaboration and that is opened in multi-user mode

, you need to remove any inconsistencies from the multi-user database at regular intervals, for example once a day. This may also fix assemblies with no main part(1) part that exists in a building object and that determines the position number for the assembly or cast unit and the direction of assembly or cast unit drawings

(1) Main part can be an assembly main part or a cast unit main part.

(2) input part that the user selects first when creating a component

(2) Connections and details always have a component main part.

and drawings of unknown ( U ) type.

We recommend you to check the multi-user database in single-user modemode in which only one user can work on a model


  1. Have all other users exit the multi-user model.

  2. Save your model to receive the modifications of other users.

  3. Exit the model.

  4. Open the model in single-user mode.

  5. On the File menu, click Diagnose & Repair and in the Model area, click Repair model.

  6. Save the model.

  7. Exit the model.

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