Create a .pdf report template

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Create a .pdf report template

Create a .pdf report template

You can create graphical templates to be used for .pdf reports.

  1. On the File menu, select Editors > Template editor.
  2. Select File > New > Graphical template.
  3. Click Edit > Properties.
  4. In Template page properties dialog box, set the page size to match the target page size (for example A4):

    The size must match a size defined in the PaperSizesForDrawings.dat configuration file.

  5. Add new rows and value fields to get the required data from your Tekla Structures database. For more information about adding new rows and value fields, see Create a template.
  6. Click File > Save as , and save the report with the filename extension .pdf.rpt.
  7. Copy the new template to your template folder, such as model or your company settings folder ( XS_FIRM ).

    Now you can create a .pdf report using the new .pdf report templatetemplate that is used for creating a report

    . For more information about creating a report, see Create a report.

Example .pdf report

In this report example, the following page size is used:

Below is an example of a report that has been created using this particular report template. To open the report in a browser, click here.

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by Ruy Silva

How to control line weights in these pdf reports?
Should be by color lines as drawings.
This is important for a good looking report and to be more easy to view. Expression.
Thank you

by Päivi from Tekla User Assistance

After consulting our experts, it seems to be impossible to controll the line weights in pdf reports. There could be some work arounds, but at least our support team was not aware of those.

Best regards,
Päivi from User Assistance

by Päivi from Tekla User Assistance

Thank you for contacting us. I will try to get an answer for you from our support and product development, and get back to you.

Best regards,
Päivi from User Assistance