2019 SP8: New features and improvements

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2019 SP8: New features and improvements

2019 SP8: New features and improvements

Tekla Structures 2019 SP8 contains useful improvements in changing object level settingsdrawing settings that affect the representation of selected drawing objects

Object level settings can be defined when creating a new drawing or when modifying an open drawing.

Object level settings can be use in a drawing or in a drawing view in order to change the representation of the chosen drawing objects.

in drawings. There are also new template attributes for rebar sets.

Faster to change object level settings in drawings

Previously, when you selected several drawings in Document manager and changed object level settings for the drawings, Tekla Structures showed a confirmation dialog box for each drawing separately. Now updating is much faster if you have selected many drawings, as Tekla Structures only shows the dialog box once, and you can confirm the change for all drawings at once.


New template attributes for rebar sets

You can now use SUB_ID_WITH_LETTERS and SUB_ID_WITH_LETTERS_LAST as template attributes when you report tapered bar groups created by rebar sets.


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