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Improvements in Template Editor 3.8

Last updated March 12, 2019 by Tekla User Assistance tekla.documentation@trimble.com

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Improvements in Template Editor 3.8

Improvements in Template Editor 3.8

Template Editortool in Tekla Structures that is used for creating and modifying templates to be used in drawings and reports

3.8 contains the improvements and fixes listed below.

  • Fixed changing attributes (color, size, font,...) of multiple texts and value fields.

  • The object position was not updated in the work areacertain portion of the model that is currently active for working on in a view

    Tekla Structures indicates the work area using dashed lines. Since objects outside the work area exist but are not visible the user can set a certain sized work area so that the views of the model are simpler and quickly updated, for example.

    after setting a new position in the Move Object dialog box. This has now been fixed.

  • The font type icons were updated in the Select font dialog box.

  • Double-click now selects the font in the Select font dialog box.

  • Symbol selection dialog can now be resized.

  • The Extend command is working again.

  • All icons and bitmaps were updated.

  • Toolbar preview is no longer far away from the cursor when dragging the toolbar to another location.

  • Added DpiAwareness (bigger icons when highDpi is used).

  • Template Editor again allows the formularule stated in a mathematical language

    Formula is part of an equation.

    to be changed in the formula dialog box.

For more information about Template Editor 3.8, see Template Editor user's guide.

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