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Changes in advanced options

Last updated March 12, 2019 by Tekla User Assistance tekla.documentation@trimble.com

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Changes in advanced options

Changes in advanced options

Changed advanced options

  • XS_DISPLAY_DIMENSIONS_WHEN_SELECTING_OBJECTS now only applies to parts, and the new advanced option XS_DISPLAY_DIMENSIONS_WHEN_SELECTING_REBARS to reinforcement.

  • When XS_ENABLE_PHASE_OPTION_IN_NUMBERING is set to TRUE and the renamed Assembly phase check box is selected in the Numbering Setup dialog box, only the assembly phase of each assembly is now compared in numberingprocess of assigning position numbers to parts, cast units, assemblies, or reinforcement

    In Tekla Structures, the position numbers assigned in the numbering are shown in marks and templates, for example.

    . The part phase or assembly phase of parts is not compared.

  • The functionality of the advanced option XS_DRAWING_SNAPSHOT_CREATION has changed. When you save a drawing, you are no longer asked if you want to create a snapshot. When this advanced option is set to TRUE (default), the snapshot is always taken when you save a drawing, and never taken if set to FALSE.

Deleted advanced options


    You can now control the gridmodeling aid that represents a three-dimensional complex of horizontal and vertical planes

    In Tekla Structures, grids are used as an aid in locating objects in a model. The grid is shown on the view plane by dash-and-dot lines. It is also possible to show grids and grid line labels in drawings, and to modify grid properties in the drawings.

    It is possible to have more than one grid in a model. For example, a large-scale grid for the entire structure, and smaller grids for some detailed sections.

    font size in the grid properties in the property panecontrol element in Tekla Structures user interface in the form of a side pane window

    The property pane can be used to show and modify the properties of model objects.

    instead of using the advanced option.


    You can now control the grid color in the grid properties in the property pane instead of using the advanced option.


    You can now control the line type of construction lines and construction circles in the property pane instead of using the advanced optionssettings used to customize Tekla Structures for specific companies, standards, users, or user groups

    In Tekla Structures, advanced options are settings that are used, for example, in a specific project or geographical area, or by a specific company.

    In Tekla Structures, advanced options usually begin with the initials XS and are followed by the name of the function, for example XS_BACKGROUND_COLOR.


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