Split a reinforcing bar group

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Split a reinforcing bar group

Split a reinforcing bar group

You can split normal and tapered reinforcing barreinforcement that represents a steel bar used to reinforce a concrete structure

The steel bars are usually ribbed and they are used to increase the tensile strength of concrete.

groups into two groups. You can also split single reinforcing bars into two.

  1. On the Edit tab, click Split.
  2. Select a reinforcing bar groupgroup of reinforcing bars that are side by side and have identical properties, except the possible variation in bar lengths

  3. Pick two points to indicate where to split the group.

    Tekla Structures splits the reinforcing bar group.


    You cannot split reinforcing bar groups diagonally.

    Once split, each new reinforcing bar group retains the properties of the original group. For example, if the bars in the original group had hooks at both ends, bars in the new groups also have hooks at both ends. Modify the properties of the new groups, if needed.

    Before splitting After splitting

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