Use adaptivity to modify a reinforcement

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Use adaptivity to modify a reinforcement

Use adaptivity to modify a reinforcement

Reinforcement follows the shape of the part also when the reinforcement handles are located on the face or edge of the part.

The following types of adaptivityautomatic linking of model objects to another model object

For example, reinforcement and surface treatment automatically adapt to the changes made to the part they are linked with.

are available:

  • Fixed adaptivity: handles retain their absolute distances to the nearest part faces.
  • Relative adaptivity: handles retain their relative distances to the nearest part faces in relation to the part’s overall size.
  1. Select a reinforcement.
  2. Right-click and select Adaptivity and then one of the adaptivity options from the pop-up menu.

    When a part is modified, Tekla Structures handles the reinforcement according to the adaptivity selection.


    To modify the general adaptivity settings, click File menu > Settings > Options > General.

    You can also modify the adaptivity settings for each part separately. These modifications override the general settingssettings that are used to control the general functions of the software

    For example, autosave interval and mouse settings are general settings in Tekla Structures. General settings can be saved for each model or as a standard file.

    In Tekla Structures, general settings are defined in the Options dialog box.

    in the Options dialog box.

Adaptivity examples

Reinforcing bars in their original position
Fixed adaptivity
Relative adaptivity

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