Create a reinforcing bar group

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Create a reinforcing bar group

Create a reinforcing bar group

A reinforcing bar groupgroup of reinforcing bars that are side by side and have identical properties, except the possible variation in bar lengths

includes several identical, or very similar, reinforcing bars. Tekla Structures always treats these bars as a group, modifies them in the same way, deletes them all at the same time, and so on. You first define the shape of a single bar, then the direction in which Tekla Structures distributes the bars.


If you do not want to manually define the bar shape, use Rebar shape catalog and its predefined reinforcement shapes instead.

  1. On the Concrete tab, click:

    If you need to modify the properties before you create the reinforcement, hold down Shift and click the Bar group command to open the Rebar group properties.

  2. Select the part to reinforce.

    Tekla Structures attaches the bar group to this part.

  3. Pick the bar start point.
  4. Pick the other bar reference points.

    These points define the plane of the first bar and the shape of a single bar in the group.

  5. Click the middle mouse button to finish picking.
  6. Pick the start point of the bar group.
  7. Pick the end point of the bar group.

    The start and end points indicate the distribution length and direction of the bars. Usually the distribution length of the bars is perpendicular to the plane so that the cover thickness on the sides can be defined.

  8. If you want to modify the reinforcement, do one of the following:
    • Use direct modification. Ensure that theDirect modification switch is active.

    • Double-click the reinforcement to open the Rebar group properties and modify the properties.

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