Create a circular reinforcing bar group

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Create a circular reinforcing bar group

Create a circular reinforcing bar group

You can reinforce round circular columns.

  1. On the Concrete tab, click Rebar and select Circular bar group.

    If you need to modify the properties before you create the reinforcement, hold down Shift and click the Circular bar group command to open the Circular rebar properties.

  2. Select the part to reinforce.

    Tekla Structures attaches the bar group to this part.

  3. Pick three points on the outer contour of the concrete part to define the circular bars.

    The radius is automatically calculated from these three points.

  4. Pick two points to indicate the distribution direction of the bars.

    Tekla Structures creates a group of circular reinforcing bars.


    If you want to modify the splice length of the round stirrups, enter negative values in the Start and End boxes in the Circular rebar properties.

  5. If you want to change the circular reinforcing bar groupgroup of reinforcing bars that are side by side and have identical properties, except the possible variation in bar lengths


    1. Double-click the circular reinforcing bar group to open the Circular rebar properties.
    2. Modify the properties.
    3. Click Modify.

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