Sloping slab drainage: Parameters tab

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Sloping slab drainage: Parameters tab

Sloping slab drainage: Parameters tab

Use the Parameters tab to control the type, dimensions and properties of the drainage holesmall hollow open throughout a part or assembly that is usually used for fastening parts with bolts or other such objects

Hole is created in the same way as bolts and hole properties are defined in the bolt properties.

in Sloping slab drainage.

Drainage hole type



A drainage hole is not created.

A rectangular drainage hole is created.

A round drainage hole is created.

Drainage hole dimensions



Define the side dimensions of the rectangular drainage hole.

Define the diameter of the round drainage hole.

Drainage hole properties



Define slab inclination by

Select how the slab is inclined, by a combination of slope (S) or slope percentage (S%), and topping thicknesses (d1, d2).

The Slope , d1 , and d2 options are available accordingly.


Slope of the topping, for example, 0.01 (S) or 2 (S%).


Thickness of the topping at the drainage point or at the hole.


Thickness of the topping at the edge of the slab or at the hip.

Create cast unit

Select how the cast unit is created:

  • Yes

    Topping is part of the slab cast unit.

  • No

    Each part of the topping forms a cast unit.

  • Topping

    Topping is a separate cast unit.


Define the material of the topping by selecting it from the material catalog.


Select whether a valley or a hip is created. If you select Hip , you can only pick slab corners.

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