Electric box in wall (84): UDA tab

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Electric box in wall (84): UDA tab

Electric box in wall (84): UDA tab

Use the UDA tab to add information in the parts’ user-defined attributes (UDAs) in the Electric box in wall (84) modeling tool.




Select to which part the related information can be saved:


Tube top

Tube bottom


Electric box

Top connection

Bottom connection


UDA name

Enter the name of the user-defined attribute.

For example, to add a comment UDA, open the objects.inp file in a text editor and search for comment. The following attribute is shown:

attribute("comment", "j_comment", string, "%s", no, none, "0.0", "0.0")

The first text between the quotation marks is the UDA name, comment. The entered name is case sensitive.

UDA name:

  • comment

  • fabricator

  • art_number

  • type


  • Comment

  • Fabricator name

  • Article number

  • Type


Type of the user-defined attribute.

Use String for text, Integer for numbers, Float for numbers with decimals and Option for selecting an item in a list. You can find the UDA type in the objects.inp file


Enter the value that is saved to the user-defined attribute.


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