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View properties

View properties

Use the View Properties dialog box to view and modify the model viewview that is represented in the modeling mode

Model view is available also in the drawing mode and it is represented in its own window.





The name of the view.


Whether the view angle is Plane or 3D.


The projection type of views.

Orthogonal : All objects are of equal size (no perspective). When you zoom, text and point size remains the same. In addition, the zoom remains on object faces.

Perspective : Distant objects appear smaller than close ones, as do text and points. You can zoom, rotate, or fly through the model.


How the view is rotated around the z and x axes. Rotation is view-specific.

The units depend on the settings in File menu > Settings > Options > Units and decimals .

Color and transparency in all views

The color and transparency setting that is used in all views (according to the status of the objects in the model).


Opens the Object Representation dialog box for defining color and transparency settings.

View depth

The thickness of the displayed slice of model. You can define the depth separately upwards and downwards from the view plane. Only objects positioned within the view depth are visible in the model.

The units depend on the settings in File menu > Settings > Options > Units and decimals .


Opens the Display dialog box for defining which objects are displayed in the view and how.

Visible object group

Which object group is displayed in the view.

Object group...

Opens the Object Group - View Filter dialog box for creating and modifying object groups.

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