Use bolts to create assemblies

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Use bolts to create assemblies

Use bolts to create assemblies

You can use bolts to create and connect assemblies. You can create nested assemblies by connecting sub-assemblies to an existing assembly, or you can just connect more parts to assemblies using bolts.

To control how Tekla Structures creates assemblies, use the Connect as and Bolt type lists in the Bolt properties. The order in which you select parts when creating the connection determines the main and secondary parts of the assembly or the assembly hierarchyarrangement of assemblies that describes the manufacture and erecting of the actual assembly to be built


Connect as

Bolt type


As sub-assembly

Workshop or Site

Nested assembly with the assembly you are bolting as a sub-assembly.

The first part you pick determines the assembly to which you are bolting.

As secondary part


Basic assembly with the part you are bolting as a secondary part.

The first part you pick usually becomes the main part in the assembly.

As secondary part


No assembly created.

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