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Synchronize Organizer with the model

Last updated March 12, 2019 by Tekla User Assistance tekla.documentation@trimble.com

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Synchronize Organizer with the model

Synchronize Organizer with the model

You can synchronize Organizer with the model to ensure that the categories are up to date and that Object Browser shows the latest object propertysingle characteristic associated with an object type

For example, profile and material are object properties.

values from the model. You can also synchronize individual categories or reload the Object Browser view.

Synchronization adds location information to model objectobject that is represented in a model

A model object is either created in a model or imported into it.

properties. You can use the location information when creating reports and inquiries.

Synchronize Organizer

Synchronizing Organizer updates all properties of the changed objects in the Organizer database. You do not need to reload Object Browser if you change the selection in the model, or select another category or property templatedefinition of object property layout for the property table in object browser

The property template is saved in an .xml file or in the Organizer database.

. When you have synchronized Organizer , the object propertiesproperties associated with an object type

Usually a single object property includes a default value that the user can modify.

are up to date until you make changes in the model.

Organizer is synchronized:

  • When you clickSynchronize with the model..
  • When you open Organizer and select to synchronize it.

To make synchronization faster, set the XS_COLLECT_MODEL_HISTORY advanced option to TRUE. If XS_COLLECT_MODEL_HISTORY is set to FALSE , at synchronization all objects are loaded to check what has been deleted in the model.

When you synchronize Organizer , the Tekla Structures action history that is used in undoing the last action is deleted. This means that you cannot use the Undo (Ctrl + Z) command immediately after you have synchronized. Otherwise, Undo works normally.

Note that the Undo history list is cleared when you synchronize Organizer. The Undo history list shows all the commands that you have run and the modifications that you have made in the model. Saving the model also clears the list.

You can define in Organizer Settings that Organizer is always synchronized when you open it. Go to the Synchronization tab and select the Always synchronize Organizer with the model when opening. check box.

When you open Organizer and select the Do not show this dialog again. check box in the Synchronize dialog box, Organizer does not show the Synchronize dialog box anymore in any model where you use Organizer. To get the Synchronize dialog box back, browse to the \users\<user>\AppData\Local\Trimble_Solutions_Corpora folder and delete all the files starting with ObjectBrowser. Note that deleting these files deletes the default Organizer unit settings. Check the unit settings in Organizer Settings.

Update the whole Organizer database

You can update the whole Organizer database so that the properties you have viewed in Object Browser , or that are used in categories, are updated to all model objects in the Organizer database.

The Organizer database is updated:

  • When you press Ctrl +Synchronize with the model.
  • When you open a model that was saved with an older Tekla Structures version and clickSynchronize with the model.
  • When you change the value of the XS_ENABLE_POUR_MANAGEMENT advanced option and open Organizer. The cast-in-place object hierarchy is replaced with pour unitentity that combines together a pour object and the other building objects that need to be in place before cast-in-place concrete can be poured

    The needed building objects can be reinforcement and embeds, for example.

  • When you change any model-specific advanced option and the next time clickSynchronize with the model.
  • When you save the model with Save as and the next time clickSynchronize with the model.
  • When you change the material catalogcatalog that displays material grades and information on them

    By default, the material catalog contains standard, environment-specific materials. The user can add, modify, and delete material grades.

    and the next time clickSynchronize with the model.

Reload Object Browser

Click thereload button in Object Browser when you want to view the latest property values from the model. Once you have viewed a property of any object in Organizer , the property will be updated in the Organizer database at synchronization.

If you make changes in the model while viewing the objects, reload Object Browser.


When you select objects in the model or in the categories, Object Browser shows the properties that are already in the Organizer database, and loads the new values from the model to the properties that are not yet in the Organizer database.

You have to Reload the view in Object Browser to update the view with the new values.

Synchronize a category

Organizer is partially synchronized:

  • When you select a category, right-click and select Synchronize category.

    To view the synchronization date and time, right-click the category again.

  • When you synchronize categories at export.

Partial synchronization:

  • Synchronizes the whole project when you synchronize any location categorycategory based on location rules in Organizer

    Location categories divide the model into projects, sites, buildings, sections, and floors. Location category can be defined automatically based on the boundary box or manually.

    , such as a Floor.

  • Synchronizes the categories that are used in the category rules of other categories when you synchronize these other categories.

  • Synchronizes the whole category tree created by automated subcategoryautomatically created lower level category within a custom or property category in Organizer

    Subcategories can also be created manually.

    rules when you synchronize one subcategory in the tree.

  • Synchronizes the whole category tree when you synchronize a manually created subcategory in a property categorycategory in Organizer based on adding user-defined attributes to model objects

    Within a property category, a model object can belong to only one lowest level category at a time.


Partial synchronization does not update the properties shown in Object Browser. You need to reloadObject Browser to show the updated category content.

Exclude a category from synchronization

  1. Select a category, right-click and select Properties.

  2. Clear the Update category at synchronization check box.

The objects that are deleted from the model are removed from the category even if the Update category at synchronization option is not selected.

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