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Bolt assembly catalog properties

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Bolt assembly catalog properties

Bolt assembly catalog properties

Use the Bolt Assembly Catalog dialog box to view and modify the properties of bolt assemblies. The units depend on the settings in File menu > Settings > Options > Units and decimals .



Short name

This name is used in drawings and reports. It is usually the commercial name for a specific bolt.


This name is the full name which is shown in the bolt assemblies list in the Bolt Assembly Catalog dialog box, and in the Bolt standard list in the Bolt Properties dialog box.

The value is used in bolt length calculation.


The material of the bolt assembly.


The type of the finish.


The grade of the bolt assembly.


The tolerances of the bolt assembly.

Additional length for bolt calculation



Add. dist...

The Additional Distance option controls how much of the bolt protrudes from the nut.

Additional Distance updates the Additional Distance values of all bolts that use the selected bolt standard and have the selected diameter.

The value is used in bolt length calculation.

Select whether the value of the additional length affects all or individual diameters of one bolt assembly.

Enter the additional length value.

Select whether the value is absolute or relative to the diameter.

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