Add surfaces to part faces and pour object faces

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Add surfaces to part faces and pour object faces

Add surfaces to part faces and pour object faces

You can add surfaces to the faces of parts and pour objects in the model. You can add surfaces to any face geometry, for example curved faces. You can use surfaces for calculating surface areas, such as formwork areas.

Surfaces are associated with the objects they are attached to. Surfaces cannot exist as standalone objects. A surface can be associated either with a cast-in-place part or a pour objectbuilding object that is formed of one or more cast-in-place concrete parts, or parts of cast-in-place concrete parts

The cast-in-place concrete parts are merged into one pour object if they have the same material grade and pour phase, and if they touch each other. Pour objects are visible in pour view.

, but not with both. Surfaces associated with parts or pours can be shown in reports as belonging to those objects.

If you modify the geometry of the associated part, the surface will adapt to the changes. If you delete or move the associated part, the surface will follow. If you copy an object that has a surface, the surface will not be copied. If a surface is added to a pour object, it will not automatically adapt to changes that only affect the pour object, such as inserting pour breaks.


  • Surfaces do not recognize faces created by displaying objects with high accuracy, such as curved profile fillets.
  • Surfaces do not have handles, so their geometry cannot be modified separately from the associated object.
  • Surfaces cannot be copied.
  • Surfaces cannot be moved or rotated without the associated object.
  • Surfaces are not shown in drawings.

Add a surface to a face

  1. On the Edit tab, click Surfaces > Add surface to face.
  2. Depending on whether you want to create the surface on a part or on a pour object, use a part view or a pour view.

    To switch between part and pour views, click Pour view on the Concrete tab.

  3. Select the part face or pour object face to which you want to add the surface.

    Tekla Structures adds the surface using the Surface properties in the property panecontrol element in Tekla Structures user interface in the form of a side pane window

    The property pane can be used to show and modify the properties of model objects.

    The property pane can be customized by using the property pane editor.


    If you modify the properties, Tekla Structures uses the new properties the next time you create an object of the same type.

Modify surface properties

  1. If the property pane is not open, double-click the surface to open the Surface properties.
  2. Change the properties as needed.

    For example, you can define the surface type and whether you want the surface to be cut by the holes in the part or pour object.

  3. Click Modify to apply the changes.

    Tekla Structures uses the properties the next time you create an object of the same type.

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