Metsec Eaves Beam to Stanchion (104)

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Metsec Eaves Beam to Stanchion (104)

The Metsec Eaves Beam to Stanchion macrosaved series of actions that includes instructions for a program

Macros are located in the applications and components catalog. They are recorded or created manually and stored as .cs file in a folder defined with the advanced option XS_MACRO_DIRECTORY.

Macros can, for example, be used for creating drawings or reports.

Macros are sometimes used to run an application.

can be used to define a fixing bracket between a column and either one or two Metsec eaves beams. The joint will define all bolts and welds required, and where appropriate will also fit the ends of the eaves beams to leave the correct end gapany space between two objects

The term gap is used in its general sense in Tekla Structures.


Before and after

Tekla Structures model before adding Metsec Eaves Beam to Stanchion (104) Tekla Structures model after adding Metsec Eaves Beam to Stanchion (104)


  • Any modification of the selected parts will cause this joint to be updated
  • If countersunk bolts are specified a packing plate(1) part that represents a flat structure

    (1) In some contexts, for example in analysis, the term plate object may be used to refer to plates.

    (2) plate that represents a steel structure

    (2) Plate is mainly used as a connection piece or as a floor plate.

    will be fitted between the fixing bracket and the eaves beam
  • At a gable or corner, the user must have already defined a short eaves beam to act as a stub if required
  • Secondaries selected must be perpendicular to the stanchion
  • Both secondaries should have identical profiles
  • The connection can go to the web or flange
  • When connection is applied the default connecting profile is always an L100*67*8, this can be overwritten in the Parts tab.
  • This connection will always place a holesmall hollow open throughout a part or assembly that is usually used for fastening parts with bolts or other such objects

    Hole is created in the same way as bolts and hole properties are defined in the bolt properties.

    in the bottom flange to make orienting the profile easier when the top flange is flat.

Selection order example

  1. Column
  2. Eaves Beam
  3. Eaves Beam
  4. Click middle mouse button

The order to select Tekla Structures model when adding Metsec Eaves Beam to Stanchion (104)

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