Reinforcing bar length calculation in BVBS export

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Reinforcing bar length calculation in BVBS export

Reinforcing bar length calculation in BVBS export

The length of the reinforcing barreinforcement that represents a steel bar used to reinforce a concrete structure

The steel bars are usually ribbed and they are used to increase the tensile strength of concrete.

is calculated according to the BVBS specification. The length also depends on the bending angle. Lengths L1 and L2 are exported.

If you set the advanced option XS_​USE_​USER_​DEFINED_​REBAR_​LENGTH_​AND_​WEIGHT to TRUE , the user-defined length value is exported as the overall length for the reinforcing bar.

Note that the BVBS format specifications define that the overall length of the bar is ignored if the data contains actual geometry data. Some other software applications may still use the overall length values in the BVBS file for calculating quantities. The exported overall length in Tekla Structures is the same length as shown in reports.

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