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Show plate side marks on dimension leader lines

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Show plate side marks on dimension leader lines

Show plate side marks on dimension leader lines

You can show plate(1) part that represents a flat structure

(1) In some contexts, for example in analysis, the term plate object may be used to refer to plates.

(2) plate that represents a steel structure

(2) Plate is mainly used as a connection piece or as a floor plate.

side marks on dimension leader lines. The plate side marks indicate whether the dimension pointpoint that Tekla Structures or the user has used for dimensioning

is to the face or center of the part, for example, a plate, web, or flange.

  1. Open a drawing.
  2. On the Drawing tab, click Properties > Dimension.
  3. In the Dimension Properties dialog box, go to the Marks tab, set Type under Plate side marks to Specified Specified to manually control the symbol and insert plate side markuser-created symbol that indicates whether a dimension point is to the face or center of a part

    Plate side mark can be found on the dimension extension line.

    symbols in the drawing.

    The option Automatic is available only in intelligent drawings, that is when the advanced option XS_INTELLIGENT_DRAWING_ALLOWED is set to TRUE.

  4. Modify the other properties of the plate side marks as required:
    • Select the left and right plate side mark.

    • Set the mark size.

    • Adjust the mark color.

    • Set an offset for the mark from the dimension lineline that visualizes the distance between the defined dimension points

      Separate dimensions can be combined into a longer dimension line.


  5. Click Modify.

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