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Custom presentations in drawings

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Custom presentations in drawings

Custom presentations in drawings

You can modify the appearance of many of the objects in drawings using custom presentations. Custom presentations are delivered in Tekla Warehouseservice for collaboration and for storing and sharing Tekla Structures content

In Tekla Warehouse the content items are stored in collections. Tekla Warehouse includes the Tekla Warehouse Service and the Tekla Warehouse web site.

Tekla Warehouse is one of the Tekla online services.

as extensions. The presentations can be controlled on the view level and object level.

When you have downloaded a custom presentation for an object typedescription of a group of objects that share common characteristics

The objects are grouped based on different characteristics in models and in drawings. Examples of model object types are beams and rebar sets. Examples of drawing object types are parts and marks.

, the Custom presentation tab will become available in the drawing property dialog for that object. The list will only show custom presentations that are available for that specific object type – part, weld, mark, etc.

The following object types support custom presentations:

  • welds and weld marks
  • parts and part marks
  • neighbor parts and part marks
  • gridmodeling aid that represents a three-dimensional complex of horizontal and vertical planes

    In Tekla Structures, grids are used as an aid in locating objects in a model. The grid is shown on the view plane by dash-and-dot lines. It is also possible to show grids and grid line labels in drawings, and to modify grid properties in the drawings.

    It is possible to have more than one grid in a model. For example, a large-scale grid for the entire structure, and smaller grids for some detailed sections.

  • texts
  • associative notes


In the example below, the Weld solid custom presentation is used for drawing the weld solids.

In the following example, Corners Only custom presentation is used for laser layout projection. Drawing all the lines of a part slows down the laser and makes it too dim to see on the layout table.

Custom presentations in Tekla Warehouse

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