Master drawing types

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Master drawing types

Master drawing types

The master drawingcollection of properties and drawing settings that are used for creating a new drawing

type you should use depends on the type of the drawing that you want to create:

  • You can create single-part drawings, assembly drawings or cast unit drawings using saved settingsmaster drawing where the drawing settings are saved in a drawing property file and used when creating a new drawing of a specific drawing type

    , rule sets, or cloning templates.

  • You can create general arrangement drawings using saved settings.

  • You can create multidrawings using wizards (old file-based rule sets)

  • For more information about adding different master drawing templates to Master drawing catalog , see Add master drawings in Master Drawing Catalog.

Cloning templates

Cloning templates are Tekla Structures drawings that are used as templates for creating new drawings. You can select a drawing from Document manager and add it to the Master drawing catalog to be used as a template.

You can also use cloning templates that are located in other models. When you have similar parts in several projects, you can maintain a set of cloning templatemaster drawing where an existing drawing is used to copy the drawing settings for a new drawing

The new drawing has the same drawing settings as the original drawing.

The user creates a cloning template of a drawing typically after extensive manual modifications have been made in the drawing, in order to achieve the same appearance and contents in new drawings.

In the master drawing catalog, it is possible to create single-part, assembly, and cast unit drawings using cloning templates. It is also possible to add new cloning templates to the master drawing catalog from the document manager.

models and then take the cloning templates in the cloning template models in use when necessary.

For more information about cloning and creating drawings using cloning templates, see the links below:

Clone drawings

Create drawings using cloning templates in Master Drawing Catalog

Clone by using cloning templates located in other models

Saved settings

The saved settings in Master drawing catalog are drawing property files that have been created and saved in the drawing properties dialog boxes for different drawing types. There are also many predefined drawing property files.

Each drawing type has its own properties file. Default saved settings are located under the environment folder ( ..\Tekla Structures\<version>\environments\ ). The exact file location may vary depending on your environment. When you save your own settings, they are saved under the current modelmodel that is active in Tekla Structures

The current model can be a single-user model, a shared model or a working model.


Below are some examples how the saved settings are shown in the Master drawing catalog dialog box.

For more information about creating drawings using saved settings, see the links below:

Create general arrangement drawings using saved settings in Master Drawing Catalog

Create single-part, assembly and cast unit drawings using saved settings in Master Drawing Catalog

Rule sets

Rule sets are sets of rules on how to create drawings for different object types. A rule setmaster drawing that contains model selection filters and where the properties and drawing settings vary based on the selected model objects

is a combination of object groups (model selection filters) and master drawing settingssettings that control what the drawing looks like and what it includes

Drawing settings can be defined in the modeling mode when creating a drawing, and they can be modified in the drawing mode.

The range of the objects and elements that drawing settings affect may vary.

(cloning templates, saved settings) that define which objects to include in the drawing, and which drawing settings to use. You can use the existing AutoDrawings wizard files or create your own rule sets.

The order of sets is important, as Tekla Structures by default creates only one drawing for each object. For example, a rule set creates an assembly drawingdrawing that shows fabrication information for a basic or a nested assembly, including bolts and welds, and that is generally used at the workshop

Assembly drawings show how parts are located in an assembly. They contain the parts of the assembly presented in one or more views.

for an object that fulfills the selection filterfilter used for defining which object types can be selected

Selection filter chooses model objects according to object properties.

Selection filters can be standard or user-defined.

For example, selection filters can be used to select parts for drawings or analysis.

criteria in one set. Tekla Structures will not create another assembly drawing for that object, even if it matches the criteria of the selection filter in later sets in the same rule set file.

For more information about creating drawings using rule sets, see Create drawings using rule sets or wizards in Master Drawing Catalog.

Wizard files

A wizard filerule set that is saved in a file

The rule sets in drawing wizard files are modified by editing the file in a text editor.

is a file-based wizard consisting of several sets of drawing requests containing drawing, attribute and part settings to apply to selected objects, as well as a selection filter. The order of sets is important, as Tekla Structures by default creates only one drawing for each object. You can edit the files in the Master drawing catalog. However, creating new wizard files is not possible in the Master drawing catalog. Instead, you can create a rule set, which is basically the same thing as a wizard: It applies drawing properties to objects selected by filters, but in a dialog box, not in a text file like a wizard.


In the Master drawing catalog , the only way to create multidrawings is to use the wizard files.

For more information about wizard files, see the following links:

Create drawings using rule sets or wizards in Master Drawing Catalog

Modify master drawing properties

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