Manage drawings

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Manage drawings

Manage drawings

You can manage your drawings in Document manager. Depending on the workflow phase, you have several tools available for managing the drawings. You can update drawings when the model changes, lockto prevent unwanted action in a model or a drawing

It is possible to lock model objects, reference models, and drawings, for example.

drawings, freezeto prevent Tekla Structures from updating annotation objects and certain drawing view properties in a drawing when it updates the drawing as the model changes

When a drawing is frozen, only part geometry is updated when the model changes.

drawings, issue drawings, revise drawings, and delete drawings.

To Click the link below:
Learn how to set up Document manager and use it for searching drawings, for example Document manager
Update saved drawings because of model changes Update drawings when the model changes
Indicate that a drawing is not available for editing by locking it Lock drawings
Select whether to allow Tekla Structures to update all associative objects on top of the drawing views Freeze drawings
Mark drawings ready for issuing Mark drawings ready for issuing
Mark a drawing issued when it has been released for fabrication Issue drawings
Delete a drawing that you do not need anymore Delete drawings and file documents
Renumber all GA drawings Delete drawings and file documents
Delete unnecessary drawing files without waiting for Tekla Structures to automatically delete them Delete unnecessary drawing files in single-user mode
Revise drawings, and attach information about the changes you have made Revise drawings
Manage drawing versions Version control for drawings
Use the old drawing list Drawing list

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