Give titles to drawings

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Give titles to drawings

Give titles to drawings

In addition to the drawing name, you can give titles for your drawings. Tekla Structures shows the title in Document manager and in drawing and report templates, and also in print output file names. You can define up to three titles.

  1. In Document manager , right-click the drawing and select Properties.
  2. Enter the titles.
  3. Click Modify.

    Close Document manager and open it again to see the change.


If you want to customize your print file names and use title values instead of drawing names in them , you can define that the title entered in this dialog box is used in the print file name. To do this, enter the value %TPL:TITLE1% (or %TPL:TITLE2% or %TPL:TITLE3% ) as the value for the advanced option XS_DRAWING_PLOT_FILE_NAME_G (or _W , _A , _M or _C depending on the drawing type) through File > Settings > Advanced options > Printing .

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