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Change the location of short outside dimension texts

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Change the location of short outside dimension texts

Change the location of short outside dimension texts

If you have selected to place texts of short dimensions outside the dimensions by setting Short dimensions to Outside on the General tab of the Dimension Properties , you can select on which side of the extension line(1) line in a drawing that is perpendicular to a dimension line and that connects the dimension line to the building object

(2) temporary line in a model that can be used for aligning objects with each other

(2) Extension lines can be used when snapping or creating points.

the dimension text is placed.


  • You can flip only start or end dimensions in a dimension set.
  • You can place the dimension text outside the dimensions if there is enough space for the dimension text.
  1. On the Dimensioning tab, click Flip outside dimension.
  2. Click the dimension whose location you want to change.

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