Drawing objects

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Drawing objects

Drawing objects

Drawing views may contain several types of objects. Some of them come from the model and represent something that will exist in the real building or will be closely related to it. Others are objects that represent information that is only relevant in the drawing, or add extra information to the information in the model. Drawings may include the following object types:

  • Building objects : parts, bolts, welds, chamfers, reinforcing bars, surface treatmentbuilding object that represents finishing of a part

    The term surface treatment is used in concrete detailing. For concrete parts surface treatment includes surface mixes, tiles, and flat finishes, such as troweling and sandblasting.

    The term surface finish is used in steel detailing. For steel parts surface finishes include fire-proofing and unpainted areas.

    , etc.

  • Associative annotation objects : dimensions, marks, associative notes.

  • Independent annotation objects : objects that are not linked to the model: text, .rtf files, symbols, links, hyperlinks, DWG/DXF files, and reference models. These objects become associative if they have associativitydrawing property that represents the linking of drawing objects to model objects so that the former are updated according to changes made to the latter in the modeling mode

    In Tekla Structures, associativity only relates to one type of drawing objects, namely associative objects. These can be building objects and associative annotation objects.

    In Tekla Structures, the term associativity has traditionally been used when referring to the linking of drawing objects to model objects. In other modeling contexts, however, the term associativity may refer to any kind of linking between model objects or parts of a model by using dependencies.

    points, i.e. they are associated to building objects.

  • Sketch objects : graphical objects you create using the various sketching tools. These objects can be used for highlighting parts of the drawing (clouds, lines, rectangles, etc.), for example. These object are associative if they have associativity points, i.e. they are associated to building objects.

(1) Sketch objects: clouds and rectangles

(2) Dimensions

(3) Marks, associative notes

(4) Building objects

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