Change the pour break symbol

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Change the pour break symbol

Change the pour break symbol

If you want to change the pour breakbuilding object used to split a pour object into smaller pour objects

symbol, you can do that using the advanced option XS_POUR_BREAK_SYMBOL.

  1. On the File menu , click Settings > Advanced options and go to the Drawing Properties category.
  2. Set a new value for the advanced option XS_POUR_BREAK_SYMBOL.

    The default value is PourBreaks@0. The value refers to the PourBreaks.sym file where the symbol is defined. The symbol value starts with the symbol library file name ( PourBreaks ) and ends with the number of the symbol ( 0 ). The default symbol filefile that contains symbols

    The symbol file in use can be changed in the symbol files dialog box.

    is located in ..\ProgramData\Trimble\Tekla Structures\<version>\environments\common\symbols.

    You can also create a new symbol file containing a new symbol, and save it. Then define the new .sym file for XS_POUR_BREAK_SYMBOL. If you wish to use a symbol file that is not located under your environment folders, enter the complete path to the symbol file location, the symbol file name and symbol number as the value for this advanced option.

  3. Click Apply and OK.


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