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Drawing sketching tools and sketch objects

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Drawing sketching tools and sketch objects

Drawing sketching tools and sketch objects

Sketch objects are objects that you may add in a drawing to highlight important information, or to indicate positions of openings, windows, doors, and such. In Tekla Structures drawings, you can use the sketching tools to sketch clouds, lines, circles, rectangles, arcs, polylines, and polygons, for example. Use these tools to explodeto ungroup the objects that are parts of another object or a component

In Tekla Structures, it is possible to explode components, cast units, assemblies, bent plates, parts that have attached parts, and drawing shapes and plugins.

The exploded objects cannot be reverted back to the original group.

and combine sketch objects, add cover-up outlines and part faces, and create fillets and chamfers. You can re-order sketch objects and sketch objects and building objects. You can also trim, extend, split and divide sketch objects, and copy objects using offset.

Sketch objects are associative if they have associativitydrawing property that represents the linking of drawing objects to model objects so that the former are updated according to changes made to the latter in the modeling mode

In Tekla Structures, associativity only relates to one type of drawing objects, namely associative objects. These can be building objects and associative annotation objects.

In Tekla Structures, the term associativity has traditionally been used when referring to the linking of drawing objects to model objects. In other modeling contexts, however, the term associativity may refer to any kind of linking between model objects or parts of a model by using dependencies.

points, i.e. they are associated to a building objectobject that represents something that will exist in the real building or will be closely related to it

A building object is always created in a model, but it is also represented as a drawing object in a drawing in which its properties can be modified.


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