General tab

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General tab

General tab

The General tab is available in steel connections and steel details.

Option Description

Up direction

Rotates the connection around the secondary part or the detail around the main part.

You can define the rotation angle around the x- and y-axis of the secondary part. The upper box is for the y-axis and the lower box for the x-axis.

Position in relation to primary part

Available only for details. The check boxes next to the images indicate the position of the definition point of the detail, relative to the main part.

Horizontal offset and Vertical offset define the horizontal and vertical alignment of the detail, relative to the main part.


Prevents modifications.

You can use the privileges.inp file to control the access to the Locked attribute.


A number given to all parts the connection creates. You can use class to define the color of the parts in the model.

Connection code

Identifies the connection. Tekla Structures can display this connection code in connection marks in drawings.

AutoDefaults rule group

Automatically sets connection properties according to the selected rule group. Rule group None switches AutoDefaults off.

AutoConnection rule group

Automatically switches the connection to another according to the selected rule group.

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