Post-tensioning (61)

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Post-tensioning (61)

Post-tensioning (61)

The Post-tensioning (61) component enables Tekla Structures to accurately model most post-tensioning profiles and attributes. Use the tabs in the component dialog box to load a previously saved PT (post-tensioning) tendonreinforcement that represents reinforcing bars, strands, or wires that are used to produce a compressive stress in prestressed concrete

Besides the actual reinforcing bars, strands, or wires, tendons may comprise an anchorage.

Tendons can be prestressing or post-tensioning tendons. Prestressing tendons are used in prestressed reinforcement.

scheme, or a new tendon scheme.

Defining properties

Use the following tabs in the Post-tensioning (61) dialog box to define the properties of the objects that this component creates:



See also

Tendon properties

Tendon size, Grade, Number of tendons, Spacing between tendons, Rotation angle, Grouted system.

Tendon properties

Tendon profile

Tendon profile, Start point offset A1, End point offset A2, Sway drape D, Bend radius R, Width W, Centerline Offset, Loop count.

Tendon profile


Enter the tendon properties.


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