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The following part-specific opening and area calculations are available for Sandwich wallplate that represents a structure such as a wall or roof panel

In Tekla Structures, a panel is created by picking two or more points.

In cast-in-place concrete the term wall refers to a concept similar to panel.

. The calculations can be output with custom reports.

  • CUSTOM.WALL_CORNER_AREA : This is the façade area of the turning corner in the wall. The turning corner part has to be at the very end of the corner to get the total length. The corner part needs to be defined in the same way as explained in the Including turning corners in area calculation section below.

  • CUSTOM.WALL_GROSS_AREA : This is the gross area of the wall.
  • CUSTOM.WALL_NET_AREA : This is the net area of the wall. All openings inside the wall and/or at exterior boundaries of the wall are excluded.
  • CUSTOM.WALL_OPENINGS_AREA : This is the total area of all openings inside the wall and/or at exterior boundaries of the wall.
  • CUSTOM.WALL_OPENINGS_N : This is the total number of openings inside the wall and/or at exterior boundaries of the wall.

In Template Editortool in Tekla Structures that is used for creating and modifying templates to be used in drawings and reports

these attributes are located in the CUSTOM subfolder in the Attribute dialog box.

The examples below show the gross and net areas of sandwich walls:

  • Gross area: Calculation formularule stated in a mathematical language

    Formula is part of an equation.

    : (HxL), excluding possible lifting loops or other non-concrete materials. Area of turning corner shall be included in calculation.

  • Net area: Calculation formula: HxL - ΣA i

Including turning corners in area calculation

To include turning corners in area calculation, ensure that you have the name of the turning corner part ( L2 in the image above) listed in the SandwichWallCornerPartNames.dat file. This file lists all valid corner part names. When a report using any of these custom wall fields is generated for the first time, the file is searched in the normal file search order, starting from the model folderfolder that is used for storing files associated with a model

Tekla Structures stores all files associated with a model in a folder it creates with the same name as the model database (.db1).

In multi-user mode all users access the same model folder.

and then continuing the search from the folders defined for the advanced optionssettings used to customize Tekla Structures for specific companies, standards, users, or user groups

In Tekla Structures, advanced options are settings that are used, for example, in a specific project or geographical area, or by a specific company.

In Tekla Structures, advanced options usually begin with the initials XS and are followed by the name of the function, for example XS_BACKGROUND_COLOR.

XS_PROJECT , XS_FIRM , and XS_SYSTEM. The first file found will be loaded.


The SandwichWallCornerPartNames.dat file is not re-loaded even if another model is opened and thus it may happen that the report is based on a file from another model.

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