Sandwich Wall Vertical Seam

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Sandwich Wall Vertical Seam

Sandwich Wall Vertical Seam

Sandwich Wall Vertical Seam creates a vertical seam between two sandwich walls. Seam dimensions and rabbets can be defined for all layers: inner shell, foil, insulation, and outer shell.

Objects created

  • Seam

  • Rabbets

  • Foil

  • Insulation

Use for



Seams between sandwich wall shells.

Seams with additional rabbets.


The component works only if the sandwich walls are parallel.

Before you start

To be able to select the needed parts, activate the Select objects in components switch.

Selection order

  1. Select the inner shell of the first sandwich wallplate that represents a structure such as a wall or roof panel

    In Tekla Structures, a panel is created by picking two or more points.

    In cast-in-place concrete the term wall refers to a concept similar to panel.


  2. Select the inner shell of the second sandwich wall.

    The seam is created automatically when the secondary part(1) part that exists in a building object and that is connected to the main part

    (1) Secondary part can be an assembly secondary part or a cast unit secondary part.

    (2) input part that the user selects after selecting the component main part when creating a component

    (2) A component can have none, one or more component secondary parts.

    is selected.

Part identification key




Inner shell of the first sandwich wall


Inner shell of the second sandwich wall

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