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Wall wall teeth (12): Socket tab

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Wall wall teeth (12): Socket tab

Wall wall teeth (12): Socket tab

Use the Socket tab to define whether socket anchors are created, how they are connected and the dimensions and position of the socket anchors in Wall wall teeth (12). Sockets are created only if you have created connection bars.

Option Description

Dimensions for socket anchor, rod profile and connecting profile.
Create socket Select whether sockets are created and which parts are included.

Note that a socket is created only if a connection bar has been created on the Parts tab.

In the examples the red profile is the connection bar:

Connect socket Select how the sockets are connected to the main part.

Default is By cast unit.

Connection rod-connector Select the connection method between the rod and the connecting profile.

Default is Part add conn to rod.

Rod type Select the rod type.

Default is Poly-profile.

Leg rotation Select the direction of the rod. You can enter an angle in the box on the right.

Default is Front.

Connecting profile


Bottom section

Properties for the connecting profile, rod and bottom section.

Note that the bottom section is part-added to the rod automatically.


Partname component

If you want to use a custom part to create the socket, select the Custom part option in the Create socket list.

Then browse for the component, and use the list of options to position the custom part.

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