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Define end releases and support conditions

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Define end releases and support conditions

Define end releases and support conditions

In structural analysis, the stresses and deflections of a part depend on how it is supported by, or connected to, other parts. You normally use restraints or springs to model connections. These determine how analysis parts move, deflect, warp, and deform in relation to each other, or to nodes.

Part ends and nodes have degrees of freedom (DOF) in three directions. The displacement of a part end can be free or fixed, and the rotation can be pinned or fixed. If the degree of connectivityanalysis part property that defines the analysis part’s relationship to other analysis parts

For example, an analysis part automatically snaps or connects with rigid links to other parts based on the analysis part connectivity.

is between free, or pinned, and fixed, use springs with different elastic constants to model them.

Tekla Structures uses analysis partanalysis model object that is a representation of a physical part in an analysis model

In different analysis models, a physical part is represented by different analysis parts.

, connection, or detail properties to determine how to connect parts in the analysis modelstructural model that is created from a physical model and used on the one hand for analyzing structural behavior and load bearing, and on the other hand for design

Analysis model can be viewed in Tekla Structures in a model view.

Analysis model that is made with Tekla Structures can be worked on in other analysis and design software or application.


The analysis part propertiesobject properties associated with an analysis part

Analysis part properties can be defined in the physical model or in the analysis model.

determine the degrees of freedom for each end of a part. The first end of a part has a yellow handle, the second end has a magenta handle.

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