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Define design properties for analysis parts

Last updated March 12, 2019 by Tekla User Assistance tekla.documentation@trimble.com

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Define design properties for analysis parts

Define design properties for analysis parts

You can define design propertiesproperties that concern physical part design

Design properties vary depending on the analysis application that is used.

Design properties may be applied to the entire model or to individual objects.

For example, buckling length is a design property.

for individual analysis parts. Design properties are properties which can vary according to the design code and the material of the part (for example, design settings, factors, and limits).

The properties you see when you first open the Design tab in an analysis part propertiesobject properties associated with an analysis part

Analysis part properties can be defined in the physical model or in the analysis model.

dialog box are the properties that apply to the entire analysis modelstructural model that is created from a physical model and used on the one hand for analyzing structural behavior and load bearing, and on the other hand for design

Analysis model can be viewed in Tekla Structures in a model view.

Analysis model that is made with Tekla Structures can be worked on in other analysis and design software or application.

you have selected in the Analysis & Design Models dialog box.

You can modify the design properties of specific analysis parts using the appropriate analysis part properties dialog boxes. When you change a value or select an option in the Value column, the check box in the Use default column is cleared indicating that the analysis model propertiessettings that are defined by giving values to the properties associated with an analysis model

Analysis model settings can be defined in the physical model or in the analysis model.

are not in use for this particular analysis partanalysis model object that is a representation of a physical part in an analysis model

In different analysis models, a physical part is represented by different analysis parts.

and design property.


If an analysis model contains parts with different material grades, define the most common material grade using the analysis model properties. Then change the material grade of specific parts in the analysis part properties.

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