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This custom template attributeattribute in a template object that Tekla Structures uses to calculate and display information from a model database

Template attributes represent object properties.

sums up net weights of all cast unit and subassembly parts, but ignores all subassemblies whose main part(1) part that exists in a building object and that determines the position number for the assembly or cast unit and the direction of assembly or cast unit drawings

(1) Main part can be an assembly main part or a cast unit main part.

(2) input part that the user selects first when creating a component

(2) Connections and details always have a component main part.


The same weight is wanted to be reported

  1. early in the project when only sample elements are detailed but the great majority of the elements is not
  2. in the final stage of the project when all elements have been fully detailed

The CAST_UNIT.WEIGHT attribute also takes into account the weight of all embedded subassemblies, such as lifting anchors and cable loops. This is not wanted as the reinforcement and embedbuilding object that represents an object that is to be cast into a concrete structure and that is used to connect structures or as an aid when constructing a structure

For example, a cast-in socket is an embed that is placed in concrete structures to allow parts to be bolted together on site. In Tekla Structures, embeds are modeled as steel sub-assemblies that are inside a concrete nested assembly.

weights are already included into a little bit exaggerated concrete density.

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