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Other drawing improvements

Last updated September 10, 2018 by Tekla User Assistance tekla.documentation@trimble.com

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Other drawing improvements

Other drawing improvements

Protection settings have now been moved to view level in drawings, and now you can have marks shown in different locations in GA drawingdrawing that is created from one or more model views and that shows information needed to understand the general arrangement of structural elements on a project

General arrangement drawings show how parts, assemblies, cast units, or pour objects are located in a building.

plan views and detail views, for example. Bent plates have new advanced optionssettings used to customize Tekla Structures for specific companies, standards, users, or user groups

In Tekla Structures, advanced options are settings that are used, for example, in a specific project or geographical area, or by a specific company.

In Tekla Structures, advanced options usually begin with the initials XS and are followed by the name of the function, for example XS_BACKGROUND_COLOR.

allowing you to adjust whether the end lines are drawn, or dimensions displayed, or whether to show Up and Down text instead of positive or negative angle values. There are also improvements in .rtf file representationthe way that the information included in a model is represented visually

, item representation, dimensioning, and drawing rebar tools.

Protection settings available on view level in drawings

Protection settings have been moved from the drawing level properties to view level properties in single-part, assembly and cast unit drawings. In general arrangement drawings, you can still adjust protected areas on the drawing level, and in addition to that, on the view level in the currently open drawing.

For example, in GA drawings you may want to have different protection settings in plan views than in section or detail views. In plan views, you may want to show marks inside the member, such as a slabplate that represents a concrete structure

In Tekla Structures, a slab is created by picking three or more points.

Slab may be part of a floor, for example.

. In section and detail views, you may want to have all marks outside the member. Now this is possible.

Below is an example of the protection settings in the view properties of the assembly drawingdrawing that shows fabrication information for a basic or a nested assembly, including bolts and welds, and that is generally used at the workshop

Assembly drawings show how parts are located in an assembly. They contain the parts of the assembly presented in one or more views.


Below is an example of a plan view and a section viewdrawing view that shows a selected area as a cross section

A section view can be created of the parts in a drawing view. A section view can be created manually or automatically.

in a GA drawing. In the plan view, the marks are allowed inside the member, and in the section view, they are only allowed outside the member.

For more information about the protection settings, see Protect areas in a drawing.

Improvements in unfolding bent plates and polybeams

  • It is now possible to draw bending end lines when creating an unfolded single part drawing of a bent plate(1) part that is created from contour plates, or beams whose profile is a plate

    (1) Bent plates can be conical or cylindrical.

    Curved beams, spiral beams, or deformed parts cannot be used for creating a bent plate.

    (2) component object that represents an angle that is bent from a plate and that connects parts

    or a polybeampart of a certain shape that is created as a continuous chain of beams passing through points that the user picks

    The segments of the polybeam are straight, but segment intersections can be curved. For example, a beam that follows a zigzag line is a polybeam.

    . You can do this by setting the advanced option XS_DRAW_BENDING_END_LINES_IN_UNFOLDING to TRUE in the Dimensioning: Unfolding category of the Advanced Options dialog box. For polybeams, the lines will be drawn only if the polybeam has circular shape chamfers.

  • If you want to create bending end line dimensions, set the advanced option XS_DRAW_BENDING_END_LINE_DIMENSIONS_IN_UNFOLDING to TRUE in the Dimensioning: Unfolding category of the Advanced Options dialog box. If you have set XS_DRAW_BENDING_LINE_DIMENSIONS_IN_UNFOLDING to TRUE as well, two dimensions will be created.

  • Set the new advanced option XS_USE_UP_DOWN_SIGN_INDICATOR_FOR_ANGLE_IN_UNFOLDING to TRUE to show Up and Down text instead of positive and negative angles in unfolded single-part drawings for angle dimensions. FALSE is the default value. This option is located in the Dimensioning: Unfolding category of the Advanced Options dialog box.

    Setting this advanced option to TRUE will leave out the text specified for the advanced option XS_ANGLE_TEXT_IN_UNFOLDING_BENDING_LINE_DIMENSIONING.

For more information about unfolding, see Unfold polybeams in drawings.

Tables supported in .rtf file links

  • The .rtf file links in Tekla Structures now support simple tables. You can add .rft files by clicking Annotations > Rich text.

Bounding box representation to show items with an extrema box

In drawings, you can now use the Bounding box representation in the part properties dialog box to represent items with an extrema box. This makes drawings faster, so it is a good option to use when you have complex items with many polygons slowing down drawings.

Example of the Outline representation:

Example of the Bounding box representation:

Dimensioning improvements

Dimension placing

  • When you use the Arrange Drawing Objects (Freeplace) command on dimensions or dimension sets in a drawing, the placing setting is now automatically set to free. This allows Tekla Structures to search for the first suitable location for the dimension.

    For more information about arranging drawing objects, see Arrange annotation objects.

Text supported in Prefix and Postfix

  • You can now enter text in the Prefix and Postfix boxes on the Marks tab in the Dimension Properties dialog box in drawings.

Include part count in dimension tags separately for each tag position

  • Part count in dimension tags can now be enabled or disabled for each dimension tagpart of a dimension that displays additional information about the building object

    position separately with the setting Include part count in the tag.

For more information about dimension tag properties, see Dimension properties - Marks and Tags tabs.

Selecting a dimension rule selects the dimension

  • In cast unit drawings, when you select a dimensioning rule in the Dimensioning rules list in drawing viewview that includes selected model objects or an area in the model, that is represented in a drawing

    A drawing view is a container for model and drawing objects.

    A drawing can include several drawing views, which usually are two-dimensional views, plane views, to the model.

    Examples of drawing views in Tekla Structures include main views, section views, single-part views, and 3D views.

    properties, the corresponding dimension lineline that visualizes the distance between the defined dimension points

    Separate dimensions can be combined into a longer dimension line.

    is now highlighted in the drawing.

Rebar set improvements in drawings

  • The performance and speed of the rebar set GA drawing creation and opening of rebar sets has been improved further.

  • The reinforcement markmark that includes a set of selected property elements related to a reinforcement

    center (cc) max, min and exact are now correctly added to the drawing.

Improvements in Rebar group marking

  • When Mark 1 and Mark 2 have no text, the new Extra line length setting on the Mark 3 tab is activated.

  • Rebar groupgroup of reinforcing bars that are side by side and have identical properties, except the possible variation in bar lengths

    marking now works with curved rebars as well.

  • Template attributes now work correctly on the Mark 3 tab.

  • You can now have a frame around mark elements. You can change the frame type and color. Note that symbol, new line and pullout picture cannot have a frame.

For more information about Rebar group marking , see Add reinforcement marks with Rebar group marking application.

Improvements in Rebar group dimensioning

  • The Rebar group dimensioning tool no longer crashes when you select a radial line representation from the Annotation type list on the Parameters tab.

  • The Extra marks tab was split into two separate extra mark tabs Extra marks in front and Extra marks behind.

    On each tab it is possible to define the content of Mark 1 and Mark 2.

    The grouping and positioning the marks for extra marks in front and extra marks behind is placed only on the first extra marks tab page.

  • The extra marks were incorrectly positioned on the sides of the dimension line. This has now been fixed.

  • The grouping now avoids creating single-bar groups. Sometimes there were lines to bars missing within the groups, which has also been fixed.

  • Previously, if there were rebar groups that only contained one single rebar, the single-rebar group was not dimensioned. This has now been fixed.

  • A new element Number visible has been added in the Available elements lists. When you select this element, Tekla Structures gives you the number or reinforcing bars that are present inside the view boundarydashed frame inside a drawing view

    Drawing view boundary can be used when cropping the contents of a drawing view. For example, it is possible to resize drawing views so that there is no unnecessary empty space in them, or to show just a specific part of the drawing view contents.

    . This is useful especially in detail views.

  • A new option has been added in the Part extrema list on the Advanced settings tab.

For more information about Rebar group dimensioning , see Dimension rebars with Rebar group dimensioning application.

Improvements in Rebar pull-out picture and marking

  • In Rebar pull-out picture and marking , a new option was added on the Rebar tab for the setting Rebar location. This new option only creates marks and hooks.

For more information about Rebar pull-out picture and marking , see Draw rebar pull-out pictures with Rebar pull-out picture and marking application.

Improvements in selecting drawings or parts through Document manager and Drawing list

  • In the new Document manager , the switches Select objects in the model for selected drawings and Select and show only drawings containing parts currently selected in the model work with GA drawings as well. The parts need to be inside the view boundaries of the GA drawing. Filters are also taken into account.

    In the old Drawing list , the corresponding buttons Select objects and By parts now work in the same way.

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