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Conical bent plates and other improvements in bent plate creation

Last updated September 10, 2018 by Tekla User Assistance tekla.documentation@trimble.com

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Conical bent plates and other improvements in bent plate creation

Conical bent plates and other improvements in bent plate creation

Tekla Structures 2018i contains improvements in bent plate(1) part that is created from contour plates, or beams whose profile is a plate

(1) Bent plates can be conical or cylindrical.

Curved beams, spiral beams, or deformed parts cannot be used for creating a bent plate.

(2) component object that represents an angle that is bent from a plate and that connects parts


  • You can now create conical bent plates. Previously, only cylindrical bent plates could be created.

    Use the new Create cylindrical bent plate and Create conical bent plate commands to create the bent plates.

    Both types of bent plates can be created either by selecting parts or by selecting part faces. Tekla Structures creates the conical bent plate(1) part that represents a flat structure

    (1) In some contexts, for example in analysis, the term plate object may be used to refer to plates.

    (2) plate that represents a steel structure

    (2) Plate is mainly used as a connection piece or as a floor plate.

    if the parts or part faces can form a conical shape. If the selected parts or part faces are such that creating a cylindrical bent plate is possible, a cylindrical bent plate is created.

    You can create different shapes of conical bent plates: inward bend, outward bend, or with 180 degrees opening angle.

    For example:

  • On the new bent plate toolbar that opens when you start a bent plate command, you can now set the radius (for cylindrical bent plate) or radiuses (for conical bent plate) before creating the bent plate.

    If you do not enter any radius, Tekla Structures creates the bent plate using the default radius.

  • Now Tekla Structures creates cylindrical bent plates even if the parts are intersecting. Note that this works only with the By parts option.

    You can add another intersecting plate to an already created bent plate.

  • You can now modify the lateral boundaries of the bends both in the cylindrical and in the conical bent plates. When you select the bending line, the lateral boundary handles appear. You can move the boundary, add new points to the boundary or remove points from the boundary.

  • After you have created the bent plate, you can modify the angle of the bent plate using the new angle manipulator wheel. On the contextual toolbarfloating toolbar that contains commands for modifying the most common object properties

    The user can customize the contextual toolbar.

    The term mini toolbar is used in Tekla Structures until version 21.1.

    , click the Enable angle manipulator button to enable the wheel in the model.

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