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Define content for templates and reports in Rebar shape manager

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Define content for templates and reports in Rebar shape manager

Define content for templates and reports in Rebar shape manager

Use the Bending schedule fields in Rebar shape manager to define the content for templates and reports. Each of the Bending schedule fields cells can contain a shape property or a formularule stated in a mathematical language

Formula is part of an equation.


When you right-click in a Bending schedule fields cell, you can:

  • Select a shape property from the list. The content of the list depends on the reinforcing barreinforcement that represents a steel bar used to reinforce a concrete structure

    The steel bars are usually ribbed and they are used to increase the tensile strength of concrete.

  • Select the (empty) option to clear the content of the current cell.
  • Select the (formula) option to enter a formula. The variables in the formula can either be the shape properties visible in the pop-up menu, or direct references to other non-empty bending schedule field cells.

    You can use the same functions in the formulas as in custom components:

    • Mathematical functions
    • Statistical functions
    • String operation
    • Trigonometric functions

      When you map angles and trigonometric functions in the Schedule field formula dialog box, enter the functions (sin, cos, tan) in small letters, for example sin(A1). Capital letters are not recognized, and a blank space will appear in reports.

    If you have angles in a formula, the formula needs to be in radians. For example, if you want to subtract 180 degrees from angle A1, enter A1-PI in capital letters. If you enter A1-180 or A1-pi , the formula does not work.

Bending schedule fields cell shows the result of a valid formula. If the formula is not valid, a question mark and text describing the error is shown.


Use the fields S , T , U or V to report angles. If you do not use these fields, you need to override the default unit settings in the Template Editor.


Formula is L1+L3+L5-2*DIA

  • L1 , L3 and L5 are the leg lengths measured from outer edge to outer edge

  • H1 is the total width

  • to achieve H1 : L1+L3+L5 minus 2*bar diameter

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