Modify a pour break

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Modify a pour break

Modify a pour break

You can modify existing pour breaks.

Before you start:

  • Ensure that theDirect modification switch is active.
  • Ensure that theSelect pour breaks selection switch is active.
  • Select the pour breakbuilding object used to split a pour object into smaller pour objects


    Tekla Structures displays the handles and dimensions that you can use to modify the pour break.

To modify a pour break:

To Do this
Change the shape or location of the pour break Drag a corner point or an end point to a new location.
Change a location dimension Drag a dimension arrowhead to a new location, or:
  1. Select the dimension arrowhead which you want to move.
  2. Using the keyboard, enter the value with which you want the dimension to change.

    To start with the negative sign (-), use the numeric keypad.

    To enter an absolute value for the dimension, first enter $, then the value.

  3. Press Enter , or click OK in the Enter a Numeric Location dialog box.
Add an intermediate point to the pour break Drag a midpoint handleto a new location.
Remove an intermediate point from the pour break
  1. Select an intermediate corner point.
  2. Press Delete.
Modify the pour break properties
  1. Double-click the pour break to open the property pane.
  2. Modify the properties.
  3. Click Modify.

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