Create construction objects and points

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Create construction objects and points

Create construction objects and points

Points and construction planes, lines, and circles help you place other objects in the model.

For example, you can easily pick the points at intersections of construction lines and circles.

The snap priorityproperty of a snap point that defines its ranking among the snap points inside a snap zone

Tekla Structures automatically snaps to the point with the highest snap priority, but the user can also choose another point.

of construction objects is the same as with the other lines.

Construction objects remain in the model when you update or redraw views and windows. They do not appear in drawings.

You can also create magneticproperty of a rectangular grid, a grid plane, a construction line, and a construction plane that enables the attached model objects to follow when the object in question is moved

See also adaptivity.

construction lines or planes to bind and move groups of objects. For example, rather than binding lots of handles and chamfers to faces, simply create a construction planeconstruction object that represents a plane

that goes through all the handles and chamfers. Then make this plane magnetic and bind the plane to the appropriate face. When you move the plane, the attached handles and chamfers move with it.

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