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CAD import and export formats

Last updated September 10, 2018 by Tekla User Assistance tekla.documentation@trimble.com

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CAD import and export formats

CAD import and export formats

The CAD import tool supports several different formats to import models, and is able to import a maximum of 10,000 parts. If the number of parts exceeds this, Tekla Structures displays a warning message, and does not import the model.

The table below lists the supported import and export file types.




Imports from/Exports to


SDNF (Steel Detailing Neutral File) is used in importing to and exporting from several different CAD systems.


HLI (High Level Interface). IEZ AG Speedikon software


Plantview design system


Plant Design Management System. Aveva 3D plant design software.

Data is exported to PDMS via SDNF link. Tekla Structures writes the information of finish field in the member class attribute, whereas in SDNF export it omits the class information.


ArchiCAD modeling system.

There are some limitations in the export:

  • Conversion files are not used.

  • Holes, bolts and welds are not exported.


Outdated format. We do not recommend using this option.


SCIA is used for SteelFab interface.

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