Tips for basic tasks

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Tips for basic tasks

Tips for basic tasks

Here we provide useful hints and tips that help you use the Tekla Structures user interface and its basic features more efficiently.

Switch rollover highlight on or off

By default, Tekla Structures highlights the objects in yellow, so that you can easily see which objects you can select. You can switch the highlighting on or off.

On the File menu, click Settings and select or clear the Rollover highlight check box. Alternatively, you can press H.

Select values from the model

You can select object propertiesproperties associated with an object type

Usually a single object property includes a default value that the user can modify.

and dates directly from the model. This can be useful when creating view filters, selection filters, and object groups.

Before you start, create an empty view or selection filterfilter used for defining which object types can be selected

Selection filter chooses model objects or objects in drawings according to object properties.

Selection filters can be standard or user-defined.

For example, selection filters can be used to select parts for drawings or analysis.

, or an object groupmodel objects whose settings match the settings that the user has defined for a certain purpose

In Tekla Structures, an object group is defined by rules and conditions, for example, to control the transparency and coloring of model objects in the views. Object groups can also be used in filtering tools, for example in selection filter, to select all objects that match certain properties.


  1. Create an empty view or selection filter , or an object group.
  2. Click Add row.
  3. Select options from the Category and Property lists.
  4. In the Value list, select one of the options.

    The availability of options depends on your selection in the Property list. You can select dates from the model only if the property is a date.

    1. To select an object propertysingle characteristic associated with an object type

      For example, profile and material are object properties.

      , click Select from model... and then select an object.
    2. To select a date, click Select date... to open the Select Date dialog box, and then select one of the options.

      You can either select a date from the calendar, select the review date, or define the number of days before or after the review date. The review date is the same as Review date in the Project Status Visualization dialog box.

Interrupt object selection

You can have Tekla Structures interrupt the object selection process if the selection takes over a defined period of time. For example, if you are working on a large model and you accidentally select all or part of the model, you can interrupt the selection if it takes over 5000 milliseconds (5 seconds) to complete.

  1. Define the time after which Tekla Structures asks if you want to interrupt object selection.
    1. On the File menu, click Settings > Advanced Options and go to the Modeling Properties category.
    2. Modify the advanced option XS_​OBJECT_​SELECTION_​CONFIRMATION.

      The default value is 5000 milliseconds.

    3. Click OK.
  2. Select all or part of the model.
  3. When Tekla Structures asks if you want to interrupt object selection, click Cancel.

Select on right-click

You can change the settings so that you can select objects also with the right mouse button.

  1. On the File menu, click Settings and select the following check boxes:
    • Select on right-click
    • Rollover highlight
  2. Right-click an object to select it. Tekla Structures highlights the object and shows the related shortcut menu.

Copy and move efficiently

You can keep the Move and Copy dialog boxes open if you are going to use them often, for example when creating grids and levels in a new model

  1. Run the Copy or Move command.
  2. To stop copying or moving objects, right-click and select Interrupt from the pop-up menu.

    The dialog box remains open on the screen.

  3. To continue copying or moving objects:
    1. Click the dialog box to activate it.
    2. Select an object.
    3. Enter the values you want to use, and then click the Move or Copy button in the dialog box.

Show or hide "Do not show this message again"

Sometimes when Tekla Structures displays warning messages, you have the option to hide future warnings of the same type. You can have Tekla Structures show these warnings again.

  1. To hide future warnings of the same type, select the Do not show this message again check box.
  2. To re-display the warnings, hold down the Shift key while running a command that should normally induce a warning message. For example, copy or move objects outside the work areacertain portion of the model that is currently active for working on in a view

    Tekla Structures indicates the work area using dashed lines. Since objects outside the work area exist but are not visible the user can set a certain sized work area so that the views of the model are simpler and quickly updated, for example.

    . Tekla Structures displays the associated warning message.

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