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New documentation structure

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New documentation structure

New documentation structure

The user documentation has been reorganized in Tekla Structures 2018. The content is largely the same as before, but there are now fewer, more general categories to choose from on the first level of the table of contents.

All first-level categories now contain a short introduction or workflow. The same structure is used in the online Tekla User Assistanceonline help and self-support service for Tekla Structures

Tekla User Assistance includes instructions, support articles, and instructional videos, and it offers a possibility for feedback.

Tekla User Assistance is one of the Tekla Online services.

service, in the offline help package and in the PDF documentation.

Here in Tekla User Assistance, you can browse the main categories in the structure on the Product Guides section start page. You can drill down further by using the drop-down lists above the page title or the links to other pages in the current section, which are displayed on the right side or the bottom of each Product Guide page depending on the width of your browser window.

The table below briefly explains how the content is now organized.


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Upgrade to this version

Release notes and instructions for upgrading.

Get started with Tekla Structures

Basic installation and licensing instructions. General introduction to the product.

Create models

All instructions related to daily modeling tasks. Custom component editing.

Create drawings

All instructions related to daily drawing production tasks.

Share models and files

Model Sharing, Multiuser and interoperability instructions.

Plan and track projects

Instructions for Organizer, Task Manager, Reporting, and other planning tools.

Analyze models

Instructions for structural analysis and design.

Manage Tekla Structures

Instructions for managing Tekla Structures installations and your customized configurations. Instructions for tasks typically performed centrally by an administrator. Advanced installation and licensing instructions.


Detailed reference information for advanced options, template attributes, user interface fields and settings, predefined parametric profiles and system components.

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