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Other user interface changes

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Other user interface changes

Other user interface changes

Tekla Structures 2018 user interface has been improved with some completely new features and with plenty of enhancements to make your work more efficient and smoother.

Tekla Online: a new side pane

Tekla Structures 2018 introduces a new side pane window, Tekla Online. Tekla Online provides a shortcut access to the different Tekla Online servicesservices provided for the users of Tekla products through different online channels

For Tekla Structures users Tekla Online services include Tekla Campus, Tekla User Assistance, and Tekla Warehouse, for example.


Using Tekla Online side pane you can access:

  • Tekla User Assistanceonline help and self-support service for Tekla Structures

    Tekla User Assistance includes instructions, support articles, and instructional videos, and it offers a possibility for feedback.

    Tekla User Assistance is one of the Tekla Online services.

  • Tekla Discussion Forumsite where the users can have discussions and ask questions

    Tekla Discussion Forum has a wish list for sending ideas and wishes.

    Tekla Discussion Forum is one of the Tekla Online services.

  • Tekla Campusonline portal service for students to learn Tekla Structures

    Tekla Campus offers a student license for using Tekla Structures for learning. Tekla Campus includes a learning environment for Tekla BIM tools.

    Tekla Campus is one of the Tekla Online services.

  • Tekla Warehouseservice for collaboration and for storing and sharing Tekla Structures content

    In Tekla Warehouse the content items are stored in collections. Tekla Warehouse includes the Tekla Warehouse Service and the Tekla Warehouse web site.

    Tekla Warehouse is one of the Tekla Online services.

To open the Tekla Online side pane, click the Tekla Online icon in the side pane.

You can search help content from Tekla User Assistance , forum posts from Tekla Discussion Forum , and both online and local content from Tekla Warehouse. In addition, you can get the latest updates from Tekla User Assistance and see Tekla Model Sharingcloud service for collaboration and for storing and sharing a model

Tekla Model Sharing is one of the Tekla Online services.

messages in the Notifications area.

If you have logged in to Tekla Structures , you are automatically logged in to the Tekla Online services. By logging in, you can access more content if your company has a valid maintenance agreement.

Side pane improvements

There are several improvements to the side pane.

  • You can now easily switch side pane windows open and close. When you click a side pane button, a side pane window opens. When you click the button again, the side pane window is closed.
  • You can have several side pane windows open at the same time.

    Click the side pane buttons to open as many side pane windows as needed. The active side pane windows are stacked on top of each other by default.

    You can resize the side pane windows and change their order by dragging them.

  • You can use the arrowin the side pane to switch several active side pane windows open and close at one go.
  • You can easily move the side pane windows around your screen. When you position the mouse pointer on the upper part of the side pane window, the upper part is shown in yellow. Grab the yellow upper part of the side pane window and drag the window to a new location.

  • If you have several side pane windows open, and you want to close all the other side pane windows expect the selected side pane, click Ctrl+active side pane button.
  • When you close and start Tekla Structures again, the side pane windows remember their size and location.

Renewed Snapping and Selecting toolbars

Snapping , Selecting , and Snap override toolbars have been renewed both in the modeling and in the drawing modemode that is used for editing the appearance and content of drawings

Tekla Structures switches to the drawing mode when the user opens any drawing.

. The renewed toolbars work the same way as the old ones.

Snapping toolbar in the modeling mode

Selecting toolbar in the modeling mode

Snapping toolbar in the drawing mode

Selecting toolbar in the drawing mode

Snap override toolbar

  • Analysis selection switches now have a separate toolbar. Use ribbon or Quick Launch to activate the toolbar.
  • You can float the toolbars and dock them to the top or the bottom of the screen.

    Toolbars can be docked when the docking area turns yellow.

  • The new toolbars follow the display scaling settings in Windows. Therefore the previously used Large icons option is not needed anymore and has been removed.
  • You can use Quick Launch to hide or show the toolbars. Click the name of the toolbar on the search results list to activate the toolbar.

  • You can use Quick Launch to switch single snapping or select switches on or off. Click the name of the switch on the search results list to activate the switch.
  • As previously, you can set keyboard shortcuts for the Snapping and Selecting toolbars and the individual switches.

In addition, there are new selection switches for rebar setson the Selecting toolbar.

Snap symbol color change

Snap symbol colors have been changed. Snap symbols now have two colors:

  • Orange for part/object snap
  • Green for component snap

Quick Launch finds the commands on the File menu

The commands on the File menu can now be found also with Quick Launch. In Quick Launch , the File menu search results are listed under Menu.

New base point symbol

The base pointpoint in a model that is used to define a starting point in surveying and that is used as an anchor point in coordinate and height transformations

A Tekla Structures project can have several base points but only one of them can be the project base point.

Base points allow the use of another coordinate system needed for interoperability and collaboration. Base points can also be used in drawings, and in reports and templates. Model origin is the default base point in Tekla Structures.

Base points are also called control points.

symbol has changed in Tekla Structures 2018:

  • When the currently used base point is located in the model originglobal coordinate system point of origin used for the model

    Model origin is the default project base point.

    or anywhere else, it looks like this:

  • If you have the Base point dialog box open, the base point that you are currently editing is shown in blue, and the north and east direction is indicated:

    If the currently edited base point is the same as the currently used base point, the blue color is not shown, and the symbol is red, just like the one in the first image above.

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