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Changes in advanced options

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Changes in advanced options

Changes in advanced options

There are some updates in the advanced optionssettings used to customize Tekla Structures for specific companies, standards, users, or user groups

In Tekla Structures, advanced options are settings that are used, for example, in a specific project or geographical area, or by a specific company.

In Tekla Structures, advanced options usually begin with the initials XS and are followed by the name of the function, for example XS_BACKGROUND_COLOR.

in Tekla Structures 2018, they are listed below.

Changed advanced options


The advanced option XS_DRAW_CUT_FACES_WITH_RED_COLOR has been replaced with XS_​DRAW_​CUT_​FACES_​WITH_​OBJECT_​COLOR. The default value is now FALSE , which shows the cut faces in dark gray in model views. If you change the value to TRUE , the cut faces are shown with the same color as the other object faces.


Previously, the advanced option XS_​DRAW_​HIDDEN_​FACES was used to control both hidden part faces and hidden faces of rebars. Now XS_​DRAW_​HIDDEN_​FACES only controls hidden part faces.

You can now use the new advanced option XS_​DRAW_​REBAR_HIDDEN_​FACES in the Advanced Options category Drawing Properties to control whether the hidden faces of the rebars are shown in drawings. Setting it to TRUE shows the hidden faces of rebars. FALSE is the default value.

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