Import profile catalog items

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Import profile catalog items

Import profile catalog items

Tekla Structures has five types of profile catalogcatalog that displays profiles and information on the profiles

In addition to the available profiles in the respective Tekla Structures environment, the user can add fixed or parametric user-defined profiles to the profile catalog. It is also possible to import profiles to the profile catalog.

items: fixed profiles, hard-coded parametric profiles, sketched profiles, user-defined parametric profiles, and rule sets. Profiles and rule sets are imported to Tekla Structures models as .lis files, sketched profiles as .uel files, and user-defined parametric profiles as .clb files.

If you are importing an entire profile cataloguser interface for displaying or modifying information in categorized lists

For example, profile catalog and shape catalog are catalogs.

or a branch, we recommend that you save the related files in a separate folder. This makes the import process faster.

  1. Open the model to which you want to import profile catalog items.
  2. On the File menu, click Catalogs > Profile catalog to open the Modify Profile Catalog dialog box.
  3. Click Import to import a single file, or Import Directory to import the contents of a file folder.
  4. Select the import file or the import folder.
  5. Click OK.

    If a profile item with the same name as the profile item being imported already exists, the Review import items dialog box appears, and you have four options:

    • Leave : The existing profile item is not replaced and the profile definitions in the import file are ignored.

    • Merge : Profile properties that are different in the import file are added to the existing profile. All the other properties remain unchanged.

      Use this option to import only certain elements of the profile catalog, such as user attributes.

    • Replace : The existing profile item is replaced with the imported profile item.

    • Continue : The dialog box closes and the actions you selected take place. If an import item has Unknown as the action, it is not imported.

    You can select more than one profile item at a time by using the Shift and Ctrl keys.


    Each cross sectiongeometrical form of a part sectioned perpendicular to its axis

    definition has a unique name and ID number. If, during an import, a cross section with the same name but different properties is found in the existing profile catalog, the cross section being imported is renamed by adding an incremental number at the end of the existing name.

  6. Click OK to close the Modify Profile Catalog dialog box.
  7. Click OK in the Save confirmation dialog box to save the changes.

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