Tekla Structures 2018 Finland environment Release Notes

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Tekla Structures 2018 Finland environment Release Notes

1. General Settings

1.1 Applications & Components catalog and Start Model Concrete update

Applications & Components cataloguser interface for displaying or modifying information in categorized lists

For example, profile catalog and shape catalog are catalogs.

and the model templatemodel which is used as a basis for creating new models

The user can save a model including all its elements, such as object properties, certain settings, parts, and components, in a model template.

Start Model Concrete were updated.

1.2 Embed Fonts

The EmbedFonts attribute is set to "true" in PdfPrintOptions.xml. This is also done in earlier versions (TS2016 ->).

2. Concrete

2.1 Pour unit updates

Updated reports to report pour units instead of pour objects:

  • CIPcast unit type where the concrete is formed, poured, and cured in its final position

  • CIP_Pour_List.rpt
  • CIP_Pour_Rebar_List.rpt
  • CIP_Pour_Surfaces.rpt

2.2 Concrete component updates

Updates to the following concrete component files:

  • Rectangular Column Reinforcement (83): standard.m30000083
  • Reinforcement Meshreinforcement that represents a mesh of steel bars in two perpendicular directions

    In Tekla Structures, the reinforcement mesh bars in one direction are called main bars and reinforcement mesh bars perpendicular to them are called crossing bars.

    Array in Area (89): standard.m30000089

3. Steel

3.1 Steel component updates

Updates to the following steel component files:

  • Haunchcomponent object that represents a wedge-like structure that strengthens a beam at its end

    (40): shed.j40, building.j40 and standard.j40
  • Corner Tube Gussetcomponent object that represents a plate that connects braces to a beam, column, or base plate

    (56): rhs.j56
  • Tube Gusset (20): windbracing.j20, 200-.j20 and -200.j20
  • Tube Splice (6): standard.j6
  • Stanchion Side Profile (86): standard_left.j86
  • Clip Anglecomponent object that represents a right angle that is made of a standard L-shaped profile and that connects parts

    (141): gage=60.j141, gage=100.j141, gage=140.j141 and standard.j141
  • Shear Plate(1) part that represents a flat structure

    (1) In some contexts, for example in analysis, the term plate object may be used to refer to plates.

    (2) plate that represents a steel structure

    (2) Plate is mainly used as a connection piece or as a floor plate.

    Simple (146): slope.j146
  • Base Platecomponent object that represents a plate welded to a column base

    Base plates are used to distribute the concentrated load of the column over a wider area.

    (1004): WithWeldPreparations.j1004
  • U.S. Bearing Plate (1044): standard.j1044
  • Railings (S77): standard2.m1000077 and standard.m1000077
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